When It Comes to Maximizing Team Performance, There IS an “I” in Team

A significant part of producing high-performing teams involves understanding that every individual on the team is unique. It’s important that each member is aware of everyone else’s goals, motivators, and aspirations, so they know how to best work together. This starts with the leader’s example. If the leader is not engaged and attuned to the needs of each individual on their team, the team cannot perform optimally. Thus, the organization will be affected by poor performance, high employee turnover, and retention issues that will impact the bottom line.

As a leader in your organization, it’s important to focus on developing people as individuals and as part of the entire group. To do this, I recommend attending team-building workshops that focus on understanding each other’s motivators, developmental strengths, and communication styles. This will allow each member on the team to increase their understanding and awareness of everyone else – and the team’s culture, collaboration, support, and success will ultimately increase.

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