I will always be so grateful because I met Kim through you, she is the most amazing professional and individual I have known, she changed my life. It was a privilege to work with her and I have learnt so much both professionally and personally.
— HR Manager
It was an amazing experience!! As well, I’d like to thank Kim Prillerman for her outstanding leadership, coaching, inspiration and genuine kindness.
— District Manager
From a leadership essentials standpoint, you also shine. You work effectively across boundaries, you help our team release energy. In terms of setting direction and driving performance, you effectively engaged in coaching with the sales professionals assigned – to positive impact for the overall organization.
— Field Vice President
I’m so thankful for every minute I spent working with you. You highlighted our strengths and helped us work around our weaknesses. You believed in us and encouraged us to pursue any appropriate career advancements. You recognized and discussed with me my talents and gifts that I didn’t even know I had.
— Senior Care Account Manager
Kim has the sense to encourage you when sometimes all is lost or there appears no answer to the problem. Her soft and kind words make you feel capable to complete the task or the courage to ask someone else for assistance. When you speak to Kim or to listen to her speak to someone else, you sense an eternal perspective of her existence. She stimulates you to think vertically as well as horizontally to determine the direction you pursue. She always treats the individual with the highest respect and always desires the very best in his/her actions and personal life. Her ability to look and listen (without a pre-determined perspective) allows her to examine each and every situation with a fresh perspective which gives you total belief in her opinion. This ability builds an air of trust and confidence. Kim is very excitable in her outlook in life.
— Senior Account Manager
Our colleagues feel that Kim has managed to identify the needs of the team even better than we could, they say it is probably due to her extensive experience and skills, due to her capacity to really listen and see beyond words Everyone has noticed and mentioned Kim’s focus on positive and constructive approaches always looking for solutions. More than that I think Kim was instrumental in building up a great team, a team that I am very proud of but a team that is not an easy one, a team with strong personalities, determined, stubborn, not easy to manage and I would say not very united when we started. Kim has helped us through team building, major team structural changes, appraisals and she is now just about to leave when the team has settled. She has managed to gain the confidence of this group and became their friend, a catalyst for good and constructive changes, a catalyst for moving forward. I am amazed as everybody else about how well she integrated and about the fact that she was able to understand immediately the culture here (not an easy task at all) and to use that in her work.
— International Non-Profit CEO
When we first met, I was at a tough point in my life personally. Kim, you reminded me of the things that really matter. You encouraged me. You pushed me to develop. You helped me secure new positions that developed my career. These steps that you took not only affected me, but my entire family. I was able to provide a better living for my family. I was able to secure positions that I never thought possible.
— Field Business Manager